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Astra Paging is a leading AIS vessel tracking data and service provider.Astra Paging is recognized as one of the world’s leading vessel tracking data and service providers with a range of software products and solutions under a single roof. From vessel tracking systems to ship databases, to advisor and technical consultancy, Astra Paging is a bedrock of experience combined with unrivaled expertise.

Founded in 1997, Astra Paging Ltd is committed to providing the very highest standards of maritime IT related services. The company is considered as one the most trusted, respected and leading vessel tracking and data service providers in the maritime industry.

Astra Paging Ltd offers comprehensive services that include VTS software, maritime data solutions and complex information portals. We also provide consultancy on various maritime sectors including specific areas of maritime transport information systems, desktop and mobile software, network management applications and logistics solutions.

Astra Paging Ltd was created on the values of transparency, integrity, consistency, and credibility of software and AIS-related activities by a like-minded group of professionals. Efficient processes, skilled people, and technical know-how are our pillars of quality.

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