National AIS Server

Contracted by the Bulgarian Maritime Administration, the National AIS Server is a project utilising the integration of the Bulgarian Vessel Traffic Management and Information System (VTMIS) and the European SafeSeaNet ship traffic monitoring system, consequently integrated into the Mediterranean AIS network headquartered in Italy.

VTS Database

VTS Database is a key module of the national Vessel Traffic Management and Information System (VTMIS) developed for the “Port Infrastructure” Company. Its main role is the delivery of information services to state authorities (Border Police, Navy, Customs) and private shipping companies.

Network Monitoring System

The System for Network Monitoring (SNM) ensures continuous background monitoring of the operational status of the VTMIS subsystems. Using polling techniques for data collection, SNM provides uninterrupted monitoring of the network equipment, power equipment, as well as the health and integrity of the VTMIS servers.


VTOPIS or Vessel Traffic Oil Pollution Information System is a pilot project for monitoring of traffic and oil pollution. It was implemented for the United Nations, the Global Ecological Fund (GEF) and the World Bank, consequently introduced to the Bulgarian Maritime Administration.

Port Information Services

Port Information Services is a project optimising the operation of the port authorities commissioned by Port Infrastructure Co. The system aimed to improve electronic authorization of “Pratique” and “Sailing Permission,” standardisation and reducing the processing time of documents, in compliance with IMO recommendations.

BULRIS SingleWindow

BULRIS SingleWindow provides automatic electronic document exchange between ship agents and state authorities. The system significantly reduces the required time for document processing and generates a wide number of statistic reports for Danube inland vessels visiting Bulgarian ports.